The Urban Institute was established on December 1st, 2015 as a leading economic, engineering, law, and medical research institute within Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. The main focus of the Institute is to conduct empirical and theoretical research on complex urban and sustainable development challenges in order to provide effective policy recommendations. The Inclusive Wealth Report (IWR) published by the Institute’s collaborative researchers and sponsored by the UN Environment Programme is the first of its kind to define economic growth in a modern, holistic manner that aligns with the inclusive growth notions outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including the value for infrastructure, health, education, and nature. As such, the Urban Institute and the IWR are pioneering internationally-accepted standards for promoting inclusive, sustainable growth through the UN and other reputable supranational organizations.

Through multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approaches, the Institute addresses a broad array of sustainable development challenges that underlie an increasingly digitalized, globalized, 21st century society. These include:

Urbanization and regional development
New transportation system
Next-generation energy
Low-carbon transportation
Eco-friendly infrastructure
Emissions reductions, waste management, and pollution controls
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Biodiversity preservation
Agriculture, livestock, forestry, and land use
Green innovation, finance, and technology transfers
Natural disaster preparedness
Environmental and trade regulations
Medical valuation
Aging population
Health, education, and social welfare

To date, the Urban Institute has published novel research in a wide range of leading peer-reviewed journals, including:

Nature Sustainability
Global Environmental Change
Environmental Research Letters
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Journal of Banking and Finance
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
The Energy Journal
Experimental Economics
Land Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics
Journal of Regulatory Economics
Resource and Energy Economics


To be the best in economic research on sustainable urban and regional development problems and provide policy recommendation in collaboration with international and local authorities to achieve sustainable development.

Organizational chart

  • Professor

    Shunsuke Managi (Director)
    Kenichi Tsukahara
    Shinto Teramoto
    Takeru Sakai
    Shigemi Kagawa
    Akihito Ozaki
    Shuji Shimizu
    Kentaro Yoshida
    Edward Vickers
    Toshiko Nonomura
    Masahiro Kiyosumi
    Yuji Oki
    Yutaka Arakawa

  • Associate Professor

    Yoshinao Oeda
    Nobuhiro Horii
    Hirofumi Nakayama
    Satoko Seino
    Hidemichi Fujii
    Kimihiko Hyakumura
    Robert Lindner
    Andrew J. Chapman
    Akinori Kitsuki
    Hironori Hayashi

  • Lecturer / Assistant Professor / Researcher

    Alexander Ryota Keeley
    Sunbin Yoo
    Yoshitaka Tanaka
    Shuning Chen
    Kenichi Kurita
    Yuko Kishikami
    Junya Kumagi
    Jun Xie
    Kenichi Yoshida
    Zhang Binqg

Research Division

  • Inclusive Wealth Division

    ALL Researchers

  • Sustainable Finance Division

    Tadashi Fujiyoshi
    Kiyofumi Tominaga
    Naoki Yoshitake
    Kosuke Ueda
    Manabu Toyoshima
    Yuri Yoshida

  • System Development Division

    Tomoki Shirakawa
    Hironobu Kitazato

  • Regional Medical Support Division

    Jun Yoshimura

  • People / Dreams & Technologies Division

    Takeshi Yamada
    Koichi Nakatani

  • Well-being Division

    Yoshiki Ishikawa